JODIE was part of our family for 14 years.  She did everything with us and we miss her dearly!!


Australian Shepherds

Texas Toy Aussies

This one is JODIE too; she watched and took care of everything on our property.  She was the most loyal and intelligent dog I've ever seen.



Deja Blu


REO was my very first Aussie! This was 1978, WOW such a long time ago!!  LOVE & MISS this girl like it was yesterday!

We fell in love with the Australian Shepherd Breed almost 35 years ago.  Along the way we discovered that by having a smaller version of Aussie you could fit more in the car, couch and your lap !!  Their ability to be an intelligent and loyal  part of your family will forever make you an AUSSIE LOVER TOO !!!!


If you are looking for an intelligent, loyal pet that is small enough for the house or on the go - but tough enough to share outdoor fun need to consider an AUSSIE for your next family member !!